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I think it's time for me to redefine what this new blog is about. In the past I've posted individual blogs for motorcycle/motor scooter rides to places like Alaska, Nova Scotia, Key West, Mexico, Canada, New York, etc. That's all well and good but it seems nowadays I'm dividing my rides into shorter ones comprised of two or more weeks each on different bikes. The total time and mileage is about the same, it's just split into multiple rides with a break somewhere in the middle.

The summer of 2014 serves as a good example of that wherein I rode south to Tombstone, AZ on my '92 BMW R100GS Bumblebee/Ural sidecar rig, (phew!) then returned home for a few days and set out again on my '07 Vespa 250ie motor scooter to visit Canada. That summer has gone and the seasons have changed as will the reports, some will be about shorter rides, some will be about maintenance, and maybe on occasion I'll post a photo or two just for interest. I may even introduce other bikes, a few of which are lurking under cover in the barn...

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Jul 17 - Day 15 2015 Tour - Sunriver, OR

Yesterday was such a slow process getting shed of the Salmon river environs I hoped today would improve. I needed to clock a lot of miles if I was to make Sunriver at a decent hour.

As I was loading up my gear preparing to depart some rube sauntered out of the hotel and began fiddling with his Triumph Rocket III. Last night when I checked in he'd been parked in front of the main entrance but apparently decided the spot next to me was a better choice. I caught him looking at the BB so I asked him how he liked his bike. His reply - well rehearsed from the sound of it went like this: "This here's a 2300 cc motorcycle and it runs like a dream. It rides like a cloud, there isn't another one on the planet that's even close to this."

A "motorcycle" is it I thought. Crimoney, for a moment there I thought it might be one of them snowmobiles. I felt like saying something like that but what the heck, judging from his chrome cat bowl helmet and suitcase bungee corded to the back it's probably his first bike. Er, motorcycle.

He continued his tirade of self inflating commentary which caused me to lift a hand hoping it might slow him down. I said "Right, nice bike, I'm kinda familiar with them, been riding for the past 60 years or so." "Huh? he says then turns and stomps back inside never to return. Not while I was there anyway.

This here's a motorcycle....but what's that, a chrome colander on the seat?
The ride to the OR border was fast and sweet and I was in my home state once again. I have to admit this particular entry point isn't very flattering and I'd bet folks on their first visit think we're a bit trashy. But it's home to me and I always feel good when I'm here, trashy or not.

Can you believe this is the main route heading west once you leave I-84?

Onions - You can smell 'em. Nice.
I like riding through our high desert
After suffering through a couple more construction zones and waiting for the resulting traffic jam to sort itself out I pulled off for a Gatorade break. It's amazing how quiet and peaceful it gets once the traffic rush has cleared out.

Bye people - You can see the last of them crossing the bridge

More high desert - It's understandable why some people choose to live there

Oddly enough I like all this historical stuff. Couldn't stand it when I was a student.

People went through some hard times back then.

Another impromptu rest stop along the way. Trees abound. Very  convenient.
I arrived at Sunriver around 2:30 pm or so. Ignoring the sign at the border reminding us to set our watches to Pacific Coast Time I was an hour earlier than what I expected. Linda had been there for a few days so all I had to do was move in. Sweet. The place was perfect.

Our temporary digs
Sunriver really grabs a lot of people. I kind of liked it but truthfully large crowds of humanity riding bicycles Kamikaze style aren't really my deal. Actually large groups of people doing anything tend to make me want to run the opposite direction as fast as I can. But that's just me, I know solitude isn't for everyone. I'd stay one night, enjoy the brief time with friends and relatives, then depart early in the morning.

246 easier miles today for which I am grateful. This post would have to wait till I got home, my dance card was full up today so no time for frivolity. (You wouldn't believe my attempt at spelling that one)


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